Long-term Cycle Network for Perth and Peel

GIS Pro leveraged web mapping technologies to facilitated stakeholder engagement and collaborative planning to design WA's Long-term cycle network for Perth and Peel.

The Challenge

The Long-Term Cycle Strategy for Perth represents the vision for a fully integrated cycling network that provides high-quality infrastructure to activity centres, local communities and places of work.

GIS Pro provided GIS expertise to assist Flyt with elaborating the future cycle network for the Department of Transport, all in close collaboration with local government agencies, Main Roads, PTA and Metronet.

The Solution

GIS Pro deployed a series of web maps that enabled a great level of interactivity, allowing stakeholders to directly contribute to the network planning.

Web maps became a platform for agencies to fully collaborate,exchange information and draw the final network.

The Outcome

The engagement and the web maps usage was high which allowed quality insights to be shared, team work to happen and a promising vision for the long-term cycle network.

I’ve worked with GIS Pro for the past year on a significant State project, requiring the development of a range of online mapping portals to capture stakeholder inputs. GIS Pro have always been responsive in finding solutions to the technical challenges of the project and are real team players.

Matt Root
LTCN Coordinator at Department of Transport

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