3D Trade Data Visualisation

GIS Pro delivered an innovative 3D Data Viz providing Fremantle Ports with new insights on Trade imports & exports; mapping shipments journey from origin to last mile destination.

The Challenge

Fremantle Ports is Western Australia’s largest and busiest general cargo port.

Understanding Trade imports and exports from its very origin to the final destination is key for logistics.

The port envisioned to interactively display trade movements in a new and innovative way to discover insights and engage with its targeted audience.

The Solution

GIS Pro mapped the volume of Trade and rendered it in an impressive interactive 3D Globe.

The Data Viz was then integrated with the port’s system to near real-time trade activity.

The Outcome

The Data Viz was well received and showcased at MIAL Modern Maritime Conference in 2019.

It also contributed Fremantle Ports to winning the ACS Digital Disruptors Gold Awards as part of a broader series of innovation.

Meaningful solutions cannot be created without collaboration and trusted partnerships between clients, service providers and other key stakeholders. GIS Pro is a trusted partner, that shares the passion of the “art of the possible”, a partner that can be included in your plans and processes, allowing me to share relevant data that enables him to optimise and become more efficient… hence, agile and rapid prototypes are produced and tested… before going live.

Dominique Thatcher
Senior Logistics at Fremantle Ports

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