Deep Yellow

GIS Pro worked with Deep Yellow Ltd to reorganise their spatial data and deploy a new GIS system relying on our favourite technologies: PostGIS and QGIS.

The Challenge

Deep Yellow Ltd had accumulated a large amount of spatial data through time. The folder structure in place was becoming increasingly complex to maintain as the geology team was ramping up their operations.

The company was looking to:

  • clean and re-organise their spatial warehouse
  • make data equally accessible in their head office in Perth and on site in Namibia
  • develop an efficient GIS system that would restore trust in data

The Solution

GIS Pro went through a process of reviewing all existing data and consolidating it into a PostGIS database hosted on the cloud.
We also provided some QGIS training to make spatial information as transparent and easily accessible as we could!

The Outcome

Deep Yellow Ltd has now taken control of its spatial data. The GIS system delivered requires low maintenance, foster access to spatial information and has improved collaboration between geologists.

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