Mobile Data Collection

Efficiently collect data and access spatial information on the field

We provide the best tool for data collection on mobile device.


Easily collecting data and accessing spatial information on site with no mobile and/or internet connection can be a challenge. Perhaps this is why you still use paper and clipboards? This is what we solve!

Make your site visit easy and efficient

Seamlessly collect data on an interactive map while being off the grid on site. You will boost your productivity and save time back in the office.

Customize our app for your needs

Easily load your GIS layers to get a customised app that suits your needs.

Cost effective and ready to go in no time.

Our solution is compatible on any tablet or smart device so there is no need to invest on expensive hardware. We can preload our app with useful data so you can just focus on getting your work done.

I need to collect data on the field

Send us your details and we will get in touch.


Got to the Edition tool (and simply start collecting data!

Our clients map flora & fauna, assess asset condition or simply access valuable information on the field. Do you envision any other use case? Talk to us. We will be happy to help.


Rent our innovative Mobile Collection Unit to turn any smart device into a powerful data collection tool.

1  First time user?

Step 1 – We show you how our innovative Mobile Collection Unit works. We make sure you will make the most it to be a champion on the field.

2  Contact & book

Step 2 – Contact us to book your Mobile Collection Unit.

3  Test & Go

Step 3 – A safety check and you are ready to go!